Hmmmmmm……I need a lot of practice! That is why I am doing these blocks, but I think that I am going to switch tactics and cut my blocks 8 inches, stitch with a hoop to keep it taught and then cut the blocks down to size….I have already cut the blocks down to size :(….luckily for me I have a lot of this material.   Such a learning process.  Plus, I am going to buy more of the SAME thread because I will definitely not have enough…..so, for my first try…to the bin it will go….

Out of sorts lately.  My bookmarks that I sent overseas haven’t made it yet and it bothers me.

I just received some mail which puts a little bit back into sorts and nice comments from wise women! :)… Sheila!

I have the Piece O’ Cake Way  to applique video so I decided to get one of their books because I WILL LEARN TO HAND APPLIQUE.  I really liked the video and they make it seem so easy.  I am going to try my leaf templates with the laminate process that they describe…..I have to finish one basket for my next guild meeting (a challenge).

And here Sheila is running in spring:

It is not too cold and as you can see the snow is gone and the greenery wants to sprout.


2 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. yes its best to cut the blocks larger. But if you have done them you could always add a border round each block. Shame to waste them.

    forget to say before…. you look so young and isn’t it cold in a dress ?lol

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