Some sewing…

Well, here are this months Christmas BOM.  There are two for May:

This one is calle “Good Health,” which is perfect for today because I am sick wit a cold, so stuffed up and sneezing….

This one is called “Faith.”  I changed my foot on the machine and now my blocks are a perfect 9 1/2 inches! Yay! I’m still unsettled about the colours but I will still stich along and finish each month.  I am up-to-date and enjoying it!  Here is the pattern from Debbie Mumm, if anyone is interested it is called Christmas Wishes.

Here is what I have so far:

I have been appliqueing too:

But I don’t feel that I am getting any better.  I will be undoing that big red “blob” which is supposed to be a flower.  I tried to put the centre circle in but it ended up very square :(….so on I persevere…hoping to get better!

Time to take in the laundry on this balmy 20 degree celcius spring day.


2 thoughts on “Some sewing…”

  1. Hey there Sheila, you have commented before I finished the post :). I’m thinking that it may be more of a blanket for the couch during Christmas, UNLESS, all the colours mesh and then, the wall! :). Thanks for motivating me. I am learning so much from this BOM and I am getting better at piecing.

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