Pin cushion Exchange

I sent this overseas to Malaysia! I have made so many of these pincushions but have yet to make one for myself :(. I’m still not sure if the recipient liked it.

This is the whole package I sent:

I sent some Canadiana goodies.  I really have to make a pincushion for myself, to house my silk thread spools! Oh, the theme of the pincushion swap was for it to be in blue with a button and some blue stash!


5 thoughts on “Pin cushion Exchange”

  1. oh Peggy, how could she not like it.
    You sent me one and it is the best piece of sewing accessory I have, it comes from the sewing room to my sewing chair in the lounge, its marvellous.
    You MUST make yourself one this week.
    keep cool, I am keeping warm lol.

  2. This pin cushion is GORGEOUS! What a brilliant idea! Did you get the pattern somewhere or design it yourself? I would love to make one 🙂

  3. I love it, Peggy! Sorry for taking so long to let you know that I love it. The crisis at work takes away so much of my energy, I am left with almost hardly energy to blog, but it’s up at my blog now. But, guess you know that already. *wink*.

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