I just finished my June block of my Debbie Mumm Christmas BOM.  Its name is HOPE.  I had so much trouble with it and had to redo the inside yellow star so many times, to the point of recutting material.  Now onto July.  This will really be a scrappy colourful Christmas quilt.

From this point of view, the blue star looks great, if I do say so myself. 😉

Here is a Christmas idea as I have been lax in my Early Bird Christmas preparation projects:

It’s kind of like a card but has quotes.  I received this as a gift (will find the name) and have wanted to reproduce it because it would be a great mini gift:

So…I am back in my sewing room! 🙂


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my husband:

The father that does it all! Or everything that I don’t! 🙂

And I’m thinking of him:

My father, the summer before he died.  What a memorable summer.  My sister on the left.

Last quilt guild meeting pics – picture heavy

I’ve been wanting to post these pictures to show off the applique challenge:

This one is just the top because the owner is adding embroidery all over it.  I love the blues and tinges of yellow.

I love these three.  The stitcher used embroidery thread to further outline the leaves! I love her choices for material and the buttons she has added.  So creative!

Christmas applique. So cute!

So many applique pieces! So many people got involved in the challenge!

The garden is growing.  Mine is somewhere there! 🙂

These are my friend’s and I think they are neat! She does such great handwork!

This was the winning piece! This stitcher is such an expert! Just lovely!

Some more.  A finished piece!  I can’t wait to get to this stage!

I will show the quilt showand tell next time! 🙂

Thank you!

Thank you Sheila for this:

That came in this:

That goes with these:

I appreciate it so much Sheila! Look for an envelope winging its way to you soon! :)…..I’ll be able to have the rest of the patterns for Life is a Celebration with my subscription Yay!

I am in the sewing room…just nothing of interest to take pictures of ;).

Major project coming up!

So…..I adopted this quilt from my mom and it will eventually be returned to her, quilted first though.  20 HUGE blocks with hand-stitched dresden plates.  How to quilt it, that is the question.  I’m thinking of resetting the dresden plates onto a 100% off white  cotton……thinking about it.   I’m going to ask first.  I am so amazed with this.  I remember her making a few of the dresden plates but I would like the background information on the material because it is all differeent kinds of material and not all quilter’s cotton….these blocks were done in the 80’s 90’s.

One more day of work left and then vacation starts! I have major quilting plans and maybe a new sewing machine!

Mail day!

Look at what I received in the “blue” pin cushion exchange! My partner is Margaret from Malaysia and she is a stitcher extradonaire! I love it all Margaret.  Such exquisite stitching!  I love all the blue fat quarters, three! And blue felt and a blue purse and blue chinese buttons and tape measure and TEA! I think she figured out that I LOVE tea! :).  Thank you MW!  I received the postcard too, where she laments that she is a beginner! Well, it sure doesn’t show.

It says that “Quilting is my cup of tea.”  How true!

Now to play!

A call out for help!

I was smitten and now I need Volume #2:

So…..I picked up Australian Homespun a few weeks ago.  It is a rarity to find it.  I really like this magazine and I fell in love with the BOM Life is a Celebration that the magazine is doing….so I bit the bullet and ordered a subscription, HOWEVER, they could only start me with volume 3, hence no volume 2 and I can’t find it anywhere.  Does anyone overeseas have a copy that I could buy?  The one I need is Australian Homespun, Number 80, Vol. 11, #2.  If anyone could help me out, please leave a message here or at “About Peg.”  Fingers are crossed.

I am slowly getting back to some routine and into my sewing room.  I am participating in Judith’s (not my sister) Early bird Christmas Craft….getting ready for Christmas, so I thought that I would post my latest thrift store catch!

The green piece is about 2 meters or more of 100% Cotton Hallmark for 3.99! A bargain.  I think the red embroidered piece is a tablecloth.  My theory is that someone was practicing Christmas designs on their new embroidery machine.  Here is a close up and the backside:

Well, time to get back at it!