A call out for help!

I was smitten and now I need Volume #2:

So…..I picked up Australian Homespun a few weeks ago.  It is a rarity to find it.  I really like this magazine and I fell in love with the BOM Life is a Celebration that the magazine is doing….so I bit the bullet and ordered a subscription, HOWEVER, they could only start me with volume 3, hence no volume 2 and I can’t find it anywhere.  Does anyone overeseas have a copy that I could buy?  The one I need is Australian Homespun, Number 80, Vol. 11, #2.  If anyone could help me out, please leave a message here or at “About Peg.”  Fingers are crossed.

I am slowly getting back to some routine and into my sewing room.  I am participating in Judith’s (not my sister) Early bird Christmas Craft….getting ready for Christmas, so I thought that I would post my latest thrift store catch!

The green piece is about 2 meters or more of 100% Cotton Hallmark for 3.99! A bargain.  I think the red embroidered piece is a tablecloth.  My theory is that someone was practicing Christmas designs on their new embroidery machine.  Here is a close up and the backside:

Well, time to get back at it!


2 thoughts on “A call out for help!”

  1. because you are such a good girl with starting your Christmas. I will see if I can chase the two magazines for you. 🙂

  2. Thank you Peggy for the link to the pattern! I printed it out and need to sit down with my head screwed on so that I don’t make any mistakes!!! I’ll let you know how I go 🙂

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