Major project coming up!

So…..I adopted this quilt from my mom and it will eventually be returned to her, quilted first though.  20 HUGE blocks with hand-stitched dresden plates.  How to quilt it, that is the question.  I’m thinking of resetting the dresden plates onto a 100% off white  cotton……thinking about it.   I’m going to ask first.  I am so amazed with this.  I remember her making a few of the dresden plates but I would like the background information on the material because it is all differeent kinds of material and not all quilter’s cotton….these blocks were done in the 80’s 90’s.

One more day of work left and then vacation starts! I have major quilting plans and maybe a new sewing machine!


4 thoughts on “Major project coming up!”

  1. oh what wonderful quilt. And all those fabrics (probably my era too lol).
    Personally I wouldn’t change it. Are you going to hand or machine quilt it.

  2. It is beautiful! And what a job your mother has done to hand-stitch all those 20 dresden plates! Sounds like you will have a great vacation, specially if you are going to get a new sewing machine 🙂 Have a wonderful vacation!

  3. I’m thinking of hand quilting it! I made a new friend at my quilt guild (it is all French here and this new friend is English 🙂 ) and she hand quilts everything, so with her guidance I think I will go that way. The only reason I’m thinking about resetting the plates is that they seeemed to have gotten pulled and some of the invisible stitching isn’t invisible anymore….maybe just got back and do the invisible stitching would be better, not to take anything away from my mom’s work.

    Thanks for the compliments Sheila and Marit. I will be sure to pass them on. Vacation, officially two days away! Yay, Yay!

  4. Peggy tks for thinking of me as a friend. I really want to have you teach me to make a good cup of tea. Your mom’s quilt makes me think of my Nanny, I would have loved to have had one of her “sunbonet Sue” quilts.As far as I’m concerned the material is what makes the beauty of your Mom’s quilt. The pieces remind me of pant suits & quilting bees. What say we have a quilting bee one day just for fun?

    Set up some time soon so I can pop over & the door is always open here for you IF you want to come alllllll the way out here.

    🙂 Jen

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