And almost a month later!

I’ve been doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that….summer vacation only comes once year and I’ve been disciplined about computer/internet time.  I am stitching though:

Part 1:

I really can’t say what these are for but I will!  I got the pattern from the spring edition of Quiltmaker’s Small Quilts.

I have been doing a lot of reading and have gotten into the Steig Larson’s meleniuum series, devouring “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.” I am taking advantage of my time off to read a bit, sew a bit and run a bit! Cleaning the house and organizing too as well as a few visits to Montreal and….yestereday I volunteered at our local Agricultural fair at our Quilt Guild stand….so much fun!

Our faithful President is hand stitching a beautiful quilt.  It is neat to pick up tips.  And check out the intricate foundation piecidng my friend did! So addictive!

This is one of the quilts that will drawn.  I sold many a ticket while there.  Don’t you love the banner?

Doesn’t our guild do beautiful work?

This is the second quilt that we are doing a draw for.  I WANT to win!

Two of my guild colleaugues who are doing the strips or a braid quilt and the next picture is an example of one.

I have the template and piles of scraps on my table at the moment….doodoodoodooodooo!

More quilts.

Well, I am off to quilt and to supervise the flooring that hubby is putting into the bedroom! 🙂


3 thoughts on “And almost a month later!”

  1. whilst hubby plays … you must quilt …. lol.
    Lovely interesting blog post.
    I adore your braid quilt fabulous colours. Have fun for the rest of the holidays.

  2. I love the pictures, espically the one with the cat. He looks just like one of mine. I think the last two blocks would work great with the others if you added some embordiery.

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