Back….after summer vacation!

Summer was just glorious, weatherwise! To the cottage I went (my brother’s)

Lobster suppers

Visiting my Dad’s decommissioned sub

Taking Shewka swimming.

Now it is back to work and finally getting back into a routine!

Here is what I received in the mail this week!

Judy from Tennasee (sp) sent me this beautiful needlecase book as well as other goodies! New applique needles which will be put to use SOON,  a beautiful pincushion and scrumptious chocolate desserts! Thank you so much Judy! Maybe I’ll be able to coach you into making your own  blog so I can see your quilts!

My needlecase can’t be shown yet but will show when able to!

And this is what I added to my stash this summer!

I washed and ironed it all and it is all ready to be put away!  The white material are floursacks which will probably be used for embroidery.

So! I am back!

KICK me in the butt if I I don’t post regularly!


5 thoughts on “Back….after summer vacation!”

  1. Peg!
    I wondered where you had been. It looks like you had a wonderful time-and we all need a break sometimes. I’ll tell you what-I will kick you if you kick me!!

  2. Welcome back Peg! Looks like it has been a busy and wonderful summer for you! Lovely pincushion and all that yummy stash you’ve bought! What are you going to make of all that stash?! Congrats on hubby’s quilt win – that’s fun! 🙂 A lovely quilt too.

  3. Hey there,

    Next year we have to plan a day to the Marden’s in Presque Isle, they have a whole section of material. I think you would have really loved that one.

    Can’t wait for summer again, we had such a crappy summer out here.

    Love Paula

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