Aching back but basting is…


While the kitchen window was being replaced, I holed up in my sewing room to finish the basting! Now I can sit comfortably in my sewing chair, watch tv, put my feet up, take a break during the week and do the actual appliquing. What a long process.  I have some applique work to finish up to .  Tonight I have to correct student essays but it was well worth the effort to spend  the day stitching!

Now I have to clean the mess! The kitchen is definitely brighter.

Oh.  Don’t miss the latest quilting event! Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway! It will be going on for the next two weeks so when I have a few minutes, I’ll be doing the tour! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Aching back but basting is…”

  1. wow very impressive and I just love your new Kitchen. I am still dreaming of mine (hasn’t been changed since we bought the house 1968… I must nag the Scot more)

  2. I love your applique piece. It is so lovely! Hope you enjoy having some hand work to play with. I am learning to hand piece, so I like how I can work and not make lots of noise.

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