….with CELTIC  quilting er….applique?

This is my sample piece.  I think that I will make it into a small wall hanging.  I’m sure that I can think of someone on my llist who would appreciate it.  I think that this type of quilting will give me lots of practice in honing my hand applique stitching because I’m not about to use my lowly Kenmore for machine stitching.

This was my first quilting workshop of the year.  I spent the day yesterday in great company, hi Jennifer! This is very intricate, kind of like a puzzle, must concentrate when basting the bias strips.  For a person who likes to see the finish right away I must be patient and BASTE! So, this is basting, when all the strips are basted, I will sit in front of the tv and applique.  I’m surprised at:

– how fast the basting goes

– the bias strips “moveability” (they snakes)  – I used bias strip bars .

– how addicting it is.

I have a quilt guild meeting this week,  so I will bring this to do and get some more tips.

I admit, I have been lax; LIFE! Swimming, running, WORKING which involves mountains of corrections and preparation (both at work and at home ), stitching, reading….I am tired at noting them!  This is all integrated with family time!  Not enough hours in the day!

A special shout out to Sheila, Diane, Maritt!  I am reading your blogs! And to J….what are you crafting?


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