Gifts in the mail!

Thank you Janet from Malaysia.  I participated in a tea coaster swap and my partner sent me these four.  The embroidery is s beautful and the added touch of beads is so innovative.  Thanks too for the material.  It will be washed and folded and  I  hope to pick just the right project for it.

And here is a tea coaster put to use:

As you can see, no dainty tea cup for me! I drink tea from a mug and I am enjoying a nice cup of tea after finishing off a batch of essay corrections! Tea is good for the soul. Thanks again Janet.  I made four and sent them overseas, to Italy.  It was a nice swap. As usual, I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated and worried! But once again, honed my skills.

Off to finish that tea.


2 thoughts on “Gifts in the mail!”

  1. I think for the past two years, whenever my going-to-be-8-year-old nephew can grab a cup and saucer, her would use that. Usually when we have visitors but it is so cute to see him with the cup and saucer.

  2. Hi Peg!
    Your new fabric is very pretty! I think today is your Thanksgiving. Am I correct? If so, Happy Thanksgiving! It is my very favorite holiday-of course because I love turkey!

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