Braided quilt started!

I wanted to try out the technique and I love it.  I also stopped by the hardware store and had them make me two plexiglass templates of the pattern.  I found that I was cutting into the edge of the plastic template, so now, voila, I can cut easily and faster!   Jennifer, I could really use one of those wooden irons for this project :)…sitting at the sewing machine picking from one pile to other!

Too bad that I have have a lobster supper, or I’d stay here all day and cut my scraps! Yay!


A New Challenge!

And not a Christmas one but can be diverted to it.

What to do with this?

This big bag of scraps…

Well, I’m turning it into these:

To eventually make a few of these:

Braided Quilts from scraps.

And as I am emptying one scrapbag, I will start another one:

For now!

And I will also have more triangle sets to sew together at the same time 🙂

Scraps reaping big rewards!

WHY am I doing this! Why is it a challenge? Because I have joined 15 Minutes to Play!






Another block and quilting tools!

Well, I have October’s block done…pretty fast to do!

It is called Joy!

So far:

I think that I will finish my evening by cutting up the next block…Harmony.

Here are the new quilting tools that my friend Jennifer’s husband made for us.  They are called quilting irons but you don’t need to plug them in.

Jennifer is letting me choose which I want I have asked for the top one, the birch one I think.  Aren’t they beautiful?

And mail came today:

These are from my Ugly Duckings material of the month club.  The folded ones are last month’s, laundered and ironed.  I love these fabric pieces and they really add to my stash!  Not a whole lot of yardage but material that can be matched.

Off to cut!