Long time but still here! (Picture heavy)

I have been busy, I’m still trying to find that balance between work and home.  Here are some pictures of the little things in life:

Quilting little blocks to make something bigger!

Playing hide and seek with Pye

Folding laundry and sleeping dogs

Sending gifts in the mail (finally my applique needlecase went out)

Feeding the bluejays

Two bluejays…

Three bluejays….

Admiring another guild member’s work and now waiting patiently for the pattern.

Adding another project the to-do list 🙂

Starting a project, almost finished!


3 thoughts on “Long time but still here! (Picture heavy)”

  1. oh what a lovely post. You have been busy. Who plays chess? cheeky BlueJays, the native birds are starting to come back to our place now that Native Trees have been planted (and growing). Fabulous house quilt love house quilts. You have very good colour choices whats the new ones for. (gosh should write an email instead of long comments lol)

  2. Funny lady! I sent you an email! I know, I am so drawn to houses. What are Native Trees? How many more days til Christmas? 😉

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