December block finished!

This is the centre “medallion” block for my Debbie Mumm’s Christmas BOM.

So now I have started to place the blocks as per pattern:

I think that the colours are starting to mesh.  I have the borders to put on; three of them and I am thinking about embroidering the names of the blocks on the brown separator blocks.

I am officially taking an internet break but I wanted to post this before the end of December; now onto the finishing!


What a day!

My backyard this morning.

The view from the front.

So calm.

I had a quilt guild meeting which was a lot of fun, learned a few crafts.

When I came home I found this in my mailbox:

A parcel from my Snickerdoodle Crafty Goodness partner, Ann-Margret (from Norway). Thank you so much Ann-Margret.  I already ate a piece of chocolate and opened and examined the neat stitchery pattern, she designs her own! The scrapbooking beads, lace and epherma (sp) are so beautiful! The card is exquisite.  I just love it all! Oh and the pastel fat quarters! Hmmm…what project waits me.  The stamp is neat.  I have some ink and Valentine’s day is just around the corner!  I hope that you get my package soon!

Well, I am off to bed, so tired! Later

Sticheries in the mail!

Oh the angels we meet in blogland.  Diane is my angel and she sent me a pattern that I so admired on her site:

I cannot reveal what it is because of Christmas being so close, but don’t you love the material she sent along? And the package had’t been open for 15 minutes and I started on the stitchery! So cute and so fun.  Thanks so much Diane.  I really appreciate.  I have even gone to the pattern site and goggled all the neat patterns!

And I received some little squares from ebay:

I have no idea what I am going to do with them but they sure are cute.

Well, off to stitch.  Tomorrow is our Christmas guild meeting with workshops and fun! Hopefully I won’t be shy and I will take some pictures.

Doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Yet another new project, but it has been in my brain for so long that I just had to get it onto one of the “burners.”

I am asking my students, colleagues and people around me to write their “Six Word Literary Memoirs.” I have cut out all kinds of muslin (pillowcase material) and have archival pens ready.  I will be making some art quilts with these.  I always want to do stitching with writing so….. I know my handwriting on the right is lame, but as my friend and colleague (who did the block on the left) kindly pointed out, my handwriting is me.

Catching Shewka on the downstair’s sofa.