What a day!

My backyard this morning.

The view from the front.

So calm.

I had a quilt guild meeting which was a lot of fun, learned a few crafts.

When I came home I found this in my mailbox:

A parcel from my Snickerdoodle Crafty Goodness partner, Ann-Margret (from Norway). Thank you so much Ann-Margret.  I already ate a piece of chocolate and opened and examined the neat stitchery pattern, she designs her own! The scrapbooking beads, lace and epherma (sp) are so beautiful! The card is exquisite.  I just love it all! Oh and the pastel fat quarters! Hmmm…what project waits me.  The stamp is neat.  I have some ink and Valentine’s day is just around the corner!  I hope that you get my package soon!

Well, I am off to bed, so tired! Later


4 thoughts on “What a day!”

  1. I see you have beautiful snow too! And what a nice package you got from your Snickerdoodle partner! Isn’t it fun with swaps, and to get so many nice surprises. Have a nice day!

  2. Oh the snow can be beautiful-that is why I secretly love winter! Still snowing here in Central New York-we got 7 inches last night(and a 2 hour school delay!) Enjoy your goodies!

  3. snow …………….ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it must be cold. And here I am complaining about the cold lol.
    Lovely swap.
    Are you ready for Christmas.

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