Debbie Mumm Christmas BOM Done! Yay!  Well, I still have to do the backing and quilt it.  I am going to get together with my friend to sandwich it and then decide how to handquilt it.  Ready Jennifer? 🙂

Now onto some other projects! I am so slow of late.  I don’t seem to have any concentration except for my running and swimming.  I guess it is because I haven’t really had a routine. I’ve been back to work but I haven’t had any students.  All that changes tomorrow.

Here is what was out my front patio door today…under the birdfeeder; usually we have Bluejays, Grayjays, Woodpeckers and Chickadees.  This is a Grosbeak:

Two to three more months of winter birds.


Still here! Happy New Year!

I’m still quilting and just putting on the borders to my Christmas quilt:

I have two more borders to put on, so hopefully this will get done this week!

I have also been busy running:

After my 12km run yesterday I had fun posing for pictures :)….pretending I was trailrunning but I did run on the road.  I am training for a 15km winter race at the beginning of March.

Sorry for not being around but I took time off at Christmas and now I am getting back into the swing of things.  If I run I can quilt, if I quilt I can relax, if I can relax, I can work, if I work I can make money to afford the above 🙂