Getting back in the habit…

…even if I am not producing, there is a lot happening.  I am preparing my sewing room for wood flooring! Ah….wood flooring! Hence, that means I have to empty it! I am going through everything, and organizing as I am going….sheesh….

Look what I found?

I had been looking for this for awhile..:(  Jen? Is there where your pattern for your miniatures came from? The patterns look familiar!   So, I am pulling out and organizing and then it will all be emptied into the livingroom.  I am also going to be painting the room too and I think that I will be adding a reading corner which will double up as a stitching corner…..

So, until tomorrow.  I will make a hearty attempt to post often….maybe a picture a day of life here, semi-related to creating!

YES, there is still A LOT of snow!


Oooh Boy….too long away!

But I am still alive and thriving!

I finished this for my sister, for our annual Sister’s Day.  It took a year for this project but DONE! Appliqued and hand quilted African Violets but stippled border with varigated thread:

I am plugging along on my Hawaiin applique and have to keep telling myself that I have to persevere this learning stage in order to be proficient.

So, I am back and will post more often.

Here is a gift that I gave to my quilty friend Jen:

Well, off to vacuum and dust so as to do the other things that I WANT to do.