Getting back in the habit…

…even if I am not producing, there is a lot happening.  I am preparing my sewing room for wood flooring! Ah….wood flooring! Hence, that means I have to empty it! I am going through everything, and organizing as I am going….sheesh….

Look what I found?

I had been looking for this for awhile..:(  Jen? Is there where your pattern for your miniatures came from? The patterns look familiar!   So, I am pulling out and organizing and then it will all be emptied into the livingroom.  I am also going to be painting the room too and I think that I will be adding a reading corner which will double up as a stitching corner…..

So, until tomorrow.  I will make a hearty attempt to post often….maybe a picture a day of life here, semi-related to creating!

YES, there is still A LOT of snow!


One thought on “Getting back in the habit…”

  1. Hi Peggy,
    how are you doing? I hope you are doing well. Has the snow melted away by now? Ooh, wooden floor in your sewing room sounds wonderful. Bet you are not able to sew much before the floor is done. Very beautiful the Debbie Mumm quilt top you finished, and the Hawaiian BOM looks interesting!
    Take care!

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