Life! It just gets away from me!

I don’t know where to start so I’ll start with a picture of a Needlework friend who came to Canada all the way from Malaysia! Sabariah came to Canada to see her son graduate from University and she took a tour of the maritimes and I got to meet up with her when she came through Quebec City.

Sabariah and Peggy in Old Quebec

Do go and visit her blog! She writes so well and the pictures of our Country make me proud to live here!

And something crafty.  I have been doing Six-Word Memoirs with my students and I have a quilty project in progress.  I asked Sabariah and her daughter to do their Six-Word Memoir.  Her daughter was shy but did the lovely drawings on Sabariah’s pieces:

The one on the right is the 6-word memory of our meet up.  Sabariah was a very quick thinker with her “France” poem…I love it!

Here is what was on my design board a few days ago:
This is where I am at in my project.  Most of these are from students.

I PROMISE! I WILL BE BACK! I have lots of neat pictures of what has been going on over the last few months!


3 thoughts on “Life! It just gets away from me!”

  1. I’m glad that you are back to blogging. I read the Wikipedia link you provided and I was real sad when I read the first six-word story by Hemingway.

  2. Hi Zarina, I know that is really sad. Some of Hemingway’s short stories are not very happy. My 6 word memoir is : Balance, Take time to make time. I think that we could think of a 6-word memoir for each day. Thanks for stopping by.

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