What’s going on or…

has been going on? Well, just last week, on June 2nd, our guild held a Quilting exhibition at a well-known regional castle, called the Chateau Murdoch.  It was the perfect setting to show off our quilts to the public.  Members showed 265 pieces.  Here are some the pictures, PART 1 because I will post more over the next week….so much eye candy! So much inspiration.  I volunteered and really enjoyed myself.  I was in Room 6 and the amount of people who came by with their jaws opened wide was amazing, so I got to share my love of quilting by answering all the questions.

Out side the Chateau

Up the staircase

At the top of the staircase

One of the rooms….every space was used and every item had a quilted creation draped over it.

This is the one I made for my MIL…had to steal it back….unto its own 🙂

This is the room that I was in, blue, blue, blue…notice the appliqued pillow on the dresser, an intricate pieces.

Half of the Christmas room

Sitting room

I will post more.  Don’t forget to click on the pictures because they will open larger and much more detailed.

I have been cleaning and organizing the blog and you may notice a the Quilting blog list, courtesy of Quilter’s Home magazine. They published 50 best quilting blogs 2011, so I am posting them too, so that I can further investigate. Here is the article:  http://www.quiltershomemag.com/content_downloads/WEBposse.pdf


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