Glimpses of a day of a vacation

I am a real homebody and yesterday was my first day of vacation.  I haven’t started sewing yet but here is what my sewing room looks like! 🙂

Sewing table with all my material for my half-square triangles

And over, very far over beside my sewing machine, I do have some half-square triangles READY for action!

And of course I sit outside and watch my hummingbirds come and go:

I am also eating healthily and exercising and exercising (I’m training for a marathon and triathlon)!


3 thoughts on “Glimpses of a day of a vacation”

  1. How awesome! I just started back on an exercise and clean eating regiment again and am in awe of athletes you can run marathons. I am training now for 5k and it is tough!!! My ultimate goal is to be able to run 5 miles without a break.

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