What to do on a rainy, cold summer day…

….and this is the 3rd day in a row of cold, wet weather!

We could:



STITCH ANOTHER FROG because with the two previous days one frog got stitched!

MEND CLOTHES….finally….one done, three more to go!

LOOK LONGINGLY AT RUNNING EQUIPMENT (putting off long run until tomorrow because they are forecasting a balmy, snunny 17 degrees tomorrow, much better than the rainy, windy 13 today)

TAKE LESSONS FROM THE CAT….and just go back to bed or find my own rocking chair and stitch.

Or look at pictures of places where it is sunny, these are in Tadoussac.  When this bad weather started on Friday, we set off to find sun and we found warm, sunny Tadoussac!

HOWEVER, it is “Stitched Sunday” with Helen from Hugs from Helen!  Helen is from Australia and she is giving lessons on how to embroider.  I am a good candidate because I have been admiring my many friends’ stitchery from Australia.  So, I am going to put together my supplies and get ready for the lessons.  I hope that some of you will play along! The link is on the side.



3 thoughts on “What to do on a rainy, cold summer day…”

  1. Yes…I have found a chair…not a rocking one, but my stitching chair so…as for mending….you know…that sewing we used to do before we started quilting and creating! 😉 …thanks for stopping by!

  2. Peg I love the frog patterns in cross-stich, what are you going to do with them? and WHERE did you find that pattern? I love the purples you are using.

    I’m awefully glad you and Luc stopped by, I listened to your message the next day and I did have beer to offer you guys but bad hostess that I am never thought to give you one 🙂

    Bubble-head strikes again!

    Tried to make something today and spent all my time stabing myself so Dany told me to give it up, the pins had won!

    Spun the last of my wool I needed and it is drying downstairs, as soon as it’s dry I will double it and be finailly able to knit these socks with the beet juice dyed wool. I was on my way to hotmail when I stopped in to see what you were up to.

    Peg I can’t find my sheets, do you assembly the half square triangles with the dark fabric against the paper? Hotmail was not working or I would go look at the sheet you made, I must of saved it I will go hunting, see you later. Jen

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