Noel, noel….

So? I am making these yo-yos….hmmm….

This is my sewing table:

Christmas material out in July!

And here is where I have been making my yo-yos with my yo-yo maker:

:)…just what am I up to?

1 – making yo-yos

2 – handquilting

3 – finishing up my embroidery exchange!


2 posts in one day!

I NEEDED a container to hold my handquilting.  I don’t want to keep folding it or have it draping the ironing board AND since I live with two men AND a cat and a dog, I want the quilt to stay safe so:

A wide wicker basket that I could lightly place my quilt and which can be placed up off the floor.

And I dug out an old WIP because I realized how it can be finished 🙂

This is from a Ricky Tim’s workshop that I took but I made mistakes and has since sat in a drawer, but when I saw this:

I figured that I would plot and plan some applique.  I am open to suggestions.   I really didn’t choose the right colours for mine because the didn’t meld together, but it would make a background and I could practice my applique.


Handquilting that is:

Well, I am experimenting with frames and I think that I prefer this one. I have done the inside of the flower and I am now stitching in the ditch.  My stitches are still too big but practice, practice!

Up close and personal.

And since it is summer:

A little berry picking.  Raspberries are Luc’s and I picked the blueberries….a 20-minute jaunt!

Sew-in IN the summer!

I spent a lovely day in Rivière Éternité with my quilting bud/friend Jen.

Jen, reading quilting candy to get inspired!

We got together to sandwich my Christmas quilt. It took the better part of the day and sandwiching and basting a quilt is so much fun X two!

Putting final touches on to quilt.

Jen, working on the backing.

China likes to quilt too!

Me, doing a final pressing. Concentrating real hard.

Jen, starting to baste.

Me, basting too….

TA DA! Sandwiched and ready to quilt!

This is the back, to show the basting.

What fun we had! A pleasant way to spend a rainy, summer day, with a friend, QUILTING!  Thanks Jennifer!


Albeit smal, but sheesh…I had a heck of a time making another pin cushion. Can someone please refer me to a site that gives explicit directions on how to sew on binding, first one side, then the other? When I sew my 2nd side, my stitches show on the first side…hence….I just about gave up and lost all hope :(….Here it is:

This pin cushion houses my Eleanore Burns Clover silk threads.

Now I need to make one to house my YLI silk threads.  I have the same material as above but in cream ;)….so…let’s see how long it takes me to make one:

My YLI silk threads.

And there is a new kid on the block: Jennifer.  She is my quilting buddy and she knits and makes her own yarn from wool that her SIL gives her from real sheep (wow, that was a mouthful).  There are no rules in creating for her!