Albeit smal, but sheesh…I had a heck of a time making another pin cushion. Can someone please refer me to a site that gives explicit directions on how to sew on binding, first one side, then the other? When I sew my 2nd side, my stitches show on the first side…hence….I just about gave up and lost all hope :(….Here it is:

This pin cushion houses my Eleanore Burns Clover silk threads.

Now I need to make one to house my YLI silk threads.  I have the same material as above but in cream ;)….so…let’s see how long it takes me to make one:

My YLI silk threads.

And there is a new kid on the block: Jennifer.  She is my quilting buddy and she knits and makes her own yarn from wool that her SIL gives her from real sheep (wow, that was a mouthful).  There are no rules in creating for her!


One thought on “A FINISH! :)”

  1. Cute Peg, I can just hear the pins POPING into the cushion! I posted my Eternal Butterfly quilt, hope you like the pictures.
    Have a good evening. Oh and by the way YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE!!!! You have me hooked on Spinning Daily!!!! I’m getting no spinning done, I’ve been browsing the site. Lots of yummy stuff!

    Tks for putting up with my spinny habits, yopur eternal friend “bubblehead Jen”

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