2 posts in one day!

I NEEDED a container to hold my handquilting.  I don’t want to keep folding it or have it draping the ironing board AND since I live with two men AND a cat and a dog, I want the quilt to stay safe so:

A wide wicker basket that I could lightly place my quilt and which can be placed up off the floor.

And I dug out an old WIP because I realized how it can be finished 🙂

This is from a Ricky Tim’s workshop that I took but I made mistakes and has since sat in a drawer, but when I saw this:

I figured that I would plot and plan some applique.  I am open to suggestions.   I really didn’t choose the right colours for mine because the didn’t meld together, but it would make a background and I could practice my applique.


2 thoughts on “2 posts in one day!”

  1. Hey Peg-
    What if you tried tea dying (or regular dying your block)? If you have some extra pieces you could practice on them first.


  2. Hi Peg, is the basket going to become your “Laundry basket quilts ” holder??

    Your Ricky Tim’s block makes me think of video games, like Mario Bros. or Qbert.


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