Sew-in with Jennifer!

Who else would the sew-in include? 🙂

Jennifer, at her sewing machine.   I was at mine and Luc (hubby) came in to do play with the computer so my room is very comfortable with all of us and probably more. So fun.

So? What was on schedule? We are planning a retreat for our guild, for September so we worked on making Friendship bag nametags.

Here is my prototype, note, I am still working on the ends of the binding…having a hard time with making them flat:

And here is Jen’s, she made tails:

It is called a Friendship bag because of the “friendship star” pattern.

Now we have to make 40 of them.  We are going to make the front using scraps for a variety of  bags and we picked up this material for the back and the lining:

But before I start my bags, I have to get my embroidery exchange off the frame…almost done! :)..Yay!


2 thoughts on “Sew-in with Jennifer!”

  1. That is a big space you have there. Mine is already filled with two dining tables and a low cabinet to fit my stash and quilts. If the others don’t mind being ‘squished’ guess I can put in two other people in my own craft area.

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