A tree!

So this is a tree that I made for our retreat.  I have asked the participants to bring 2 1/2 inch half-square trianges so that we can start a year-long exchange.  I want to make Edyta Sitar’s “Tree Farm.”

I think that she made a mistake in the pattern because those three 2 1/2 inch solid blocks, look wierd.  In pictures of her quilts I notice that there is a variety of light coloured fabric but the pattern directions called for the same light background fabric as the outer edges. Wierd.  I think that I will email her and find out.   What do you think?

And here are the bags that I made but sent to my partner who is putting on the binding. God bless her! Thanks Jen!

And here is a pic that I took during the process as I was strip piecing:

Busy, busy, busy!


3 thoughts on “A tree!”

  1. You are the best! The tree is great, I can’t wait for them to see it. I’m off to relax, got my first “Spin-Off” magazine so off to read 🙂 A little mind candy to get me started on another project ;). Bags are comming together well.. see you on Wednesday.

  2. I love the friendship bag – all in rows. That tree is one that i have seen a lot of but have never tried. I was scared using triangles in my quilts but for the past few months I have been making quilts with lots of triangles.

  3. Love the bags! You could easily make a quilt with the same star pattern, it will look nice. The tree block looks great and so does the quilt with all the trees.

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