Starting to see the optical illusion!


Now for:

  • a good pressing
  • the borders
  • the batting
  • the backing
  • the quilting

So much goes into making a quilt.  My son asked me how many hours it took to this point….hmmmm….I started cutting on September 17th.  I am liking it now!


Still working on my big project and little ones too…

Well, the Optica quilt is coming along.  I have all the blocks done and 7 rows now need to be sewn into strips and then together.  I will be doing it this week, in the evenings as a way to unwind.  I’m not seeing the optical illusion yet.  Here is my friend Jen’s quilt, check out her wild colours!

Our guild is hosting an end-of-the-year project.  Each member was given a charm pack of 25 squares and we have to create something with the squares.  No other material can show, but if we make a bag we can use a different material inside or the back of a quilt.  Any ideas?

Some of the material is “quilting” material, hence maybe something to hold my tools.

And we went apple picking last week-end:

Life is such a whirlwind right now! But I am quilting!

Big project advancing…

…but not too quickly….I had a marathon to run 😉

After 42kms

With my oldest son…don’t ask me what he was saying but it couldn’ t wait! He had me laughing!

Organizing the BIG project! This is the 2nd step, but bigger.

Strip piecing!

Lucky for me, I have a husband who will fold the laundry while I get ahead in my sewing! Lately, he has been doing much more than that, thank goodness.

Life is going full speed and I hope to get off the rollercoaster soon!