Big project advancing…

…but not too quickly….I had a marathon to run 😉

After 42kms

With my oldest son…don’t ask me what he was saying but it couldn’ t wait! He had me laughing!

Organizing the BIG project! This is the 2nd step, but bigger.

Strip piecing!

Lucky for me, I have a husband who will fold the laundry while I get ahead in my sewing! Lately, he has been doing much more than that, thank goodness.

Life is going full speed and I hope to get off the rollercoaster soon!


3 thoughts on “Big project advancing…”

  1. How was the marathon? I do not run only when I need to replace a workout (but now that I am not working, I am not exercising at all). Thankfully your husband is very understanding. Has he got a new job?

    Can’t wait to see the completed project. i am currently learning (DIY) bobbin lace. So far so good.

  2. You are certainly keeping busy! Congrats on the run, All that support certainly helps. And I love the colors of the big project!

  3. Love the Pic Peg. Keep up the good work. Tell Luc he’s hired if he wants to come my way 😉 I need to work on this quilt tonight or I’m going to get nothing done. Must catch up to you. 🙂

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