Gone too long!

But I have been busy…working, running and yes, quilting, and stashbuilding!

Here my latest buy and yes there is a reason for this material:

I want to use this material in my 6-word memoir project:

And here is some more fabric:

And here is what my husband brought home! Yes! I asked him to pick me up some reds and blacks, for a christmas project.  He did but then he was drawn to the bird fabric and wants me to do something with it:


And since it will soon be Christmas my husband and I picked up these:

They are so fragile, that the salesgirl broke one before she put them in a bag.  We have the bluejays and the chickadee at the birdfeeder but not the cardinal, but so beautiful.

For safekeeping…and notice the beautiful cabinet, old cookie boxes from my husband’s grandfather’s store, four, one on top of the other (my husband has been working on them….now just need to add books, but for now, keeping the ornaments safe:

Here is the whole cabinet:

And just because Pye was overseeing the picture-taking:

I’ll be back with Santa soon!


3 thoughts on “Gone too long!”

  1. yes indeed you have been gone too long. I think you must have missed my emails requesting your snail addy. I have a square memory sitting here waiting to be send to you. (I lost your address)
    What a clever hubby you have. Your house looks lovely.

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