Snowman update and a gift!

My snowman is coming along and it is very addictive! I love coming home and stitching another length of thread.  I’m really curious to see the transfer-eze paer come off.  I’m getting better at my stitching, finding just the right length and switching back and forth between back stitch and stem stitch.  I’m only using one strand of thread and find that it is the correct width.  So fun!  And this is only block #1!

Here is a gift that I received at my guild Christmas exchange:

Isn’t it nice?

It is perfect to go with my new needlework project.

How do other people use their needlebooks.  I have a few now.

Well, off to stitch another strand!


Still here but busy of course…..

….finishing up projects and relaxing with new ones :

I am trying to embroider like my Australian friends….what do you think Sheila? I keep going back to the embroideries you did for me, so you are teaching me!

This is a block of the month and I don’t have to worry about material because each month I ge the material too.  It is from this booklet: Redwork-Winter Twitterings by House of White Birches.  I have the book and the patterns already come printed onto Transfer-Eze paper,  ( very pliable film that needles well. Place into paper tray inkjet printer, print image / design onto the ‘film’ side. Peel freezer paper backing away and stick directly to theproject. )

Back to stitching!