Still here but busy of course…..

….finishing up projects and relaxing with new ones :

I am trying to embroider like my Australian friends….what do you think Sheila? I keep going back to the embroideries you did for me, so you are teaching me!

This is a block of the month and I don’t have to worry about material because each month I ge the material too.  It is from this booklet: Redwork-Winter Twitterings by House of White Birches.  I have the book and the patterns already come printed onto Transfer-Eze paper,  ( very pliable film that needles well. Place into paper tray inkjet printer, print image / design onto the ‘film’ side. Peel freezer paper backing away and stick directly to theproject. )

Back to stitching!


4 thoughts on “Still here but busy of course…..”

  1. Thanks Sheila and Diane! It is quite relaxing to sit and embroider, after a running in the winter. I am curious to see what will happen when I take off the tranfer paper, fingers crossed. At least it is for me so….

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