A new year = more posts?

Hopefully I’ll be a little more consistent! That’s my goal!

I have so many goals and yesterday I started working my 2012 embroidery goal:

Yes, it is going to be a sampler.  I am taking part in the “Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012” challenge with Sharon from Pintangle and I am going to work at honing my embroidery skills.  Sharon and Annie have these beautiful sampler journals and I am using the idea and creating my own.

Mine is going to be called “Peg’s Threads.”  It will be a journal of sorts and a way for me to practice my stitchery, while following along with TAST! This is my first panel and I hope to do many more.  I cut up material and even weave cloth and sewed them into strips. As I was doing it I so wanted to have some dyed cloth, so guess what? Dying cloth is on my “to do” list.

Over Christmas, I did finish up my Snowman Redwork embroidery:

And I started my next block:

I’m still using the transfer-eze material but it left my first block rather stiff. Maybe I had to soak it for more than 5 minutes?


Here is my Christmas table, serving 13:


2 thoughts on “A new year = more posts?”

  1. Peg I love everything on this post. Your dishes are just lovely, simple and elagant. Tks for the goodie bag to help me start on my TAST 2012, itching to start tonight….

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