I know, I know…gone so long! Picture heavy!

But I have been busy and I need opinions for a border for my MESHWORK:




And here is what I am working on too…

Working on the lone star…so, yes busy!


So MIA…but so BUSY!

Busy living! Busy working! Busy quilting! Busy running! Busy swimming! Busy being a wife and mother….Busy being Peggy!

Here is a workshop that I took:

The Lone Star….still working on it! Lots of fun.

Here is my friend’s Jen’s:

And here is what is happening in my basement:

Yes, we have a rock in our basement and we are taking some out to put in a 2nd bathroom.  Lots of work! Lots of dirt and pounds of rock to eventually make a rock garden in the front of the house.

So, with that, until next time….off to sew!