Auditioning fabric

I found this material in the on-sale bin and I think that I will use it.  I will spread out the darks and the lights and I think it will work.

Went to see Canada’s newest Major League soccer team IMPACT in Montreal this week-end:

We (the blue) were always in their zone. Great game! Back to quilting!


Having Fun!

Here are some placemats that I have just finished:


I’m auditioning fabric for these blocks…I think that I have to go a tad lighter and in autumn tones but not beige:


And I am coming along with my Lonestar quilt…I have a few seams to tweak but almost ready to sew it together:


Projects, projects, projects!

A finish!

Meshwork, one side and

….and the reverse.  It is a little crooked but it was my first time doing this technique.

There is a new edition in my sewing room:

A tv…hooked up to cable and then I can use my tablet for quilt shows and I have accomplished so much since my husband installed it last week.

Back to sew….well, stitchripping….finishing another ufo and will post.