Making one project from another….

Going from this:

To this:

Square Dancing is what it is called. Here is a link to a Square-Dance-PP that gives directions.  What a fun technique.  I’m not sure that I would make a big quilt this way, but a baby one or I saw on the web, sets of four windmills with sashing….very cool.  I am thinking that this will be a “topper”…I think that I will try to design a spring applique scene underneath, in the same colours…an idea!

Fun with my quilting pals:


and MC 🙂 don’t you love her colours and her contagious smile!

What a fun Saturday!


Another WIP for Canadians!

Once again for The Needle and Thread Network (stitching) blog, I’m posting. I couldn’t write where I come from on my post, but for those interested, I am in Quebec, kind of Northern Quebec, in the Saguenay.

I’m stitching, but not finishing. I have projects on all the “burners.”  I have a Mystery Quilt Saturday, this Saturday and the directions were to take 5-inch charm squares and sew 12 rows and then put a border on it.  We take this piece on Saturday and apparently, it will be changed.  So I spent the evening doing my rows:

 I have no idea what the material is but I am finally using it.  Now I have to come up with a border.  Does anyone have any suggestions? It needs to be one colour, neutral, basic.  The border will be 3 inches wide.  I will post pictures after I finish.  I am really liking the colours.

I have also been sitching in the ditch, on my table runner, almost finished and then the binding.  My windmills are still hanging mournfully.  Just not enough hours in the day when we work full time.

I should be back sooner than next week :)….to show the borders…..HELP!

WIP Wednesday for Canadians!

I found a neat site last week, for Canadians about needlework, knitting, quilting, CREATIVITY! It is called The Needle and Thread Network.  It is nice to have something like this in Canada and so many new sites to visit! Every Wednesday they have a WIP showcase.  You have to sign up between Tuesday and Thursday.  I did for this week.

My WIP is of course my windmill quilt:

I have just cut out some new material to intersperse because I want the quilt to be 10 X 10 pinwheels across and down.

I am also putting the backing on this challenge piece and then stitch in the ditch.  I just don’t know what colour for the backing which will be the binding too….any ideas?

I think I like it.  I don’t want to get too fancy….

Later gators!

Charm Square Challenge Project

Pretty scrappy but a project using 24 charm squares. Now for the backing and binding….if I can put binding on because the rules of the challenge  is that only the charm squares can be showing….but I think that they said that binding could be another material…I’m still verifying that rule. I got the idea from this tutorial. There are some neat things on Melissa’s blog.  Hers is less scrappy-looking.  I really thing that with another set of charmpacks in someone’s colours, this is a fast gift to stitch up! It only took the day and I didn’t just work on this…..;).

I’m still working on my windmill project which is getting a few rows bigger !

Well, time for bed, a long run tomorrow and EASTER! Happy Easter to all!

Blowing in the wind….

I took a workshop yesterday and learned how to make these windmills.  The border will be the printed material, hence why it is not in the outer rows.  I am now trying to figure out which colour to put in the three remaining spaces…a new colour? I don’t knowyet.  Lots of fun!

Yesterday was my best bud’s birthday:

Well off to get ready for the work week! I would so like to retire :(….