Another WIP for Canadians!

Once again for The Needle and Thread Network (stitching) blog, I’m posting. I couldn’t write where I come from on my post, but for those interested, I am in Quebec, kind of Northern Quebec, in the Saguenay.

I’m stitching, but not finishing. I have projects on all the “burners.”  I have a Mystery Quilt Saturday, this Saturday and the directions were to take 5-inch charm squares and sew 12 rows and then put a border on it.  We take this piece on Saturday and apparently, it will be changed.  So I spent the evening doing my rows:

 I have no idea what the material is but I am finally using it.  Now I have to come up with a border.  Does anyone have any suggestions? It needs to be one colour, neutral, basic.  The border will be 3 inches wide.  I will post pictures after I finish.  I am really liking the colours.

I have also been sitching in the ditch, on my table runner, almost finished and then the binding.  My windmills are still hanging mournfully.  Just not enough hours in the day when we work full time.

I should be back sooner than next week :)….to show the borders…..HELP!


12 thoughts on “Another WIP for Canadians!”

  1. That certainly is a mystery. Yes, you need to flap some lengths of fabric up alongside to study what appeals. You can go for a neutral solid- black, brown, white, grey or a colour. I’d even try a print to contrast with the solids. Stripes? Checkerboards? Geometrics? You have options! lol

  2. Does it have to be a pieced border? I’m so lazy these days, I’d probably just add a plain border all around. Besides, is there an chance your pieced centre plus border will get cut up? Sorry….no help here. 😦 I’ll be interested to see what happens.

  3. Thanks Cheryl, no it won’t be a pieced border, has to be a solid. I have no clue what we will do with the piece…quite curious and anxious! Thanks for visiting.

  4. My first idea was for an off-white border, where did that come from? Love your colours and am curious what will happen to it……

  5. I love your choice of colours and I do have an idea of what it will become… think Dancing… anyway, if the colours are as bright as they appear in real life as they show on the computer, I might consider going with a black… I know you will love the final result..

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