WIP Wednesday

Now that I am finished my challenge piece and my Saturday Square Dance workshop, I can concentrate on my windmills…my square dance project looks like miniature windmills….so colourful!

My windmills are starting to wilt :(…but back to it.  In fact, last night I won two fat quarters that would look great in this! 🙂

Here is my finished tablerunner:

Stitching in the ditch was hard, so don’t look too closely.  I also had a hard time at my corners…but practice, practice!

I found a place to lay my runner:

Go and check out the other Canadians who are stitching up spring storms over at The Needle & Thread Network!


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday”

  1. love both your pinwheel quilt and your square dance mystery project! I knew it was a square dance! These look so similar but have totally different methods to acheiving that look. In my quilting life I have too many runners and have started to store them one on top of the other on dressers, so I can switch them out without putting any in a cupboard!

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