Putting my feet up and stitching…

After doing housework this week-end and my last long run before my marathon (Ottawa), I took out my stitchery. I am doing an embroidery BOM and I am on the 2nd block:

Here is the first and the book that the stitcheries are in:

I ordered it from Sew Sisters because I didn’t want the headache of finding the material to go with it.

Head on over The Needle and Thread Network to see what everyone else is working on.  I so enjoyed my visits last week. So many talented ladies.


12 thoughts on “Putting my feet up and stitching…”

  1. Who doesn’t love the look of embroidery? It always reminds me of my grandmothers! and empty piece of fabric eventually had some little motif embroidered on to it!

  2. Embroidery is fun, isn’t it? I should start some too. Nice work you’re doing. What is this Brain Game thing? Are you doing this?

  3. I love the look of red work and have never attempt it yet. One of those in the long list of I-want-to-do.

  4. Your redwork looks great, Peg. Good luck in the marathon! We usually go watch because we often have family who run in it, but I’ll be at Beaver camp this year. My BIL just did the T.O. marathon last weekend. He got a PB!

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