WIP Wednesday for June 27th

FINISHED! ..Well, the top is….now to find some backing material:

And before embarking on my next project or projects I have been ORGANIZING…yet again, this time, deep behind closed doors and drawers.  Magazines that I have in abundance but some I don’t want to part with, so cataloging them and finding new spaces:

I am also going through all my patterns and reorganizing material….taking stock of what I have!

I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network.  I couldn’t visit everyone last week because I had no internet…hence organizing!


WIP Wednesday for June 20th

WINDMILL PROGRESS…only three more rows to go!

Getting there.  I like cutting the blocks down to 6 inches, the seam intersectins are almost all dead on! Love it. I am already thinking of how I am going to quilt it….any ideas are welcome. Since the seams are ironed open, I am thinking of quilting 1/8 inch inside of all the pinwheels and then go around the outside ones…on my machine….I don’t want to stipple.

I am going to link to The Needle and Thread Network….can’t wait to visit everyone!

WIP Wednesday

Finally, a post! WIP Wednesday is tomorrow and since I just started my vacation, first up is to get my design wall clear of my windmills:

Sure is a lot of work…

It is super hot here so I am thinking that summer has arrived.

I will be back to post…vacation means extra time for what I like to do!

I’m linking up with The Needle and Thread Network. Now to get back to visiting the “sewing hood”