WIP Wednesday

Finally, a post! WIP Wednesday is tomorrow and since I just started my vacation, first up is to get my design wall clear of my windmills:

Sure is a lot of work…

It is super hot here so I am thinking that summer has arrived.

I will be back to post…vacation means extra time for what I like to do!

I’m linking up with The Needle and Thread Network. Now to get back to visiting the “sewing hood”


11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday”

  1. Woo look at all those colors! Looks hot : )
    Here it’s raining a lot. We have a group of school kids from Quebec on exchange for a week. I’m sure they weren’t impressed with being rained out today.

    Thank you for linking up! That does indeed look like a lot of work!
    Monika K.
    Sewing in Saskatoon

  2. your pinwheels will brighten a room, that is for sure! Your end of the country has been so lucky with the sunshine, out west it is rain, rain, rain, and guess what? more rain…

  3. You’re getting there Peg, I can’t wait for the final row to go together. Keep plugging (or stitching) away!

  4. Hi Peg.You wanted to know about the boards I use in hand quilting. You come up as a “no reply” commenter so I can’t reply to your email. Please send me your email address and I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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