WIP Wednesday for June 20th

WINDMILL PROGRESS…only three more rows to go!

Getting there.  I like cutting the blocks down to 6 inches, the seam intersectins are almost all dead on! Love it. I am already thinking of how I am going to quilt it….any ideas are welcome. Since the seams are ironed open, I am thinking of quilting 1/8 inch inside of all the pinwheels and then go around the outside ones…on my machine….I don’t want to stipple.

I am going to link to The Needle and Thread Network….can’t wait to visit everyone!


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday for June 20th”

  1. Beautiful, brilliant colours! I only have the small twister, but it sure is fun. I can’t imagine all the quilting involved going around each pinwheel, but it will look amazing when finished.

  2. Whew! going around each pinwheel will be quite the job, but if your thinking of it, I suspect it doesn’t intimidate you at all… Love the colours, starting to look like a east coast hills side in October!

  3. It looks really great! As for the quilting I’d probably do free-motion swirls radiating from the middle of each pinwheel. I love to juxtapose straight seams with curved quilting, but that’s just me……It will be lovely whatever you decide to do.

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