Trip to Quebec City and shopping of course but on a mission!

The three Quiltateers! 🙂

We had a little fun!

Here is Jen, looking guilty?

We had an excellent day, lots of singing, laughing and gabbing!

We had a reason for this madness though.  I wanted to go to St. Anne de Beaupré to take pictures of all the mosaics and use them to design a quilt.  Here are a few:

And then I looked up and saw so many tablerunners 🙂

So much inspiration in this little chapel:

So now I am off to Montreal for a few days…will only bring my applique and cross stitch!


Yes! Internet seems to be back!

I had a friend over a few weeks ago and her dear Dany made me a lightbox:

So of course I pulled out my applique and I have gotten back into it:

I have two more baskets ready:

I’m using the glue on pellon applique method and I like it. My forms are cleaner.

Still here but major internet connection issues….

We shall see if I have a decent internet connection. A blog post will usually tell me that all is well.
I was down at my MIL’s the other day and she had hung up the quilt that I made for her.  She usually has it folded on a chair and shows everyone when they come to her house until a friend suggested that she hang it.  I would never have thought that she would hang a quilt in her home but 😉   Here it is.  I made it for her 80th birthday three years ago: