The possibilities!

Trying out the arrow layout for the log cabin.   What do you think?

I am slowly sewing my 18 blocks for our friendship quilt.

So, this is “Take Two” on the quilt ….I’m thinking that I like it better than the green!


Ariane  is a Canadian quilter and I admire how she fits quilting into her busy life! She is doing a blog hop right now! Go and check all the creative juices her way!

I’m linking up to The Needle and Thread Network blog!


New projects but special projects!


Went fabric shopping with my friend Jen and then spent the rest of the day, washing the fabric and then cutting out all the strips for a special log cabin quilt.  We are using the design of what is up on my design wall but in pinks.  A friend of ours has cancer so we are making her a quilt.  She knows nothing about it, so we are not stressed to get it to her tomorrow, but we would like to get it done as fast as possible because she has just started chemotherapy :(.  We are going to put together a surprise for her.  So today, my friend and Jen had a lot of fun at my house, cutting and dividing the pieces to make 36 of these:

Isn’t it beautiful? This is my sample block and it sure went together so smoothly. Jen is making 18 and I am doing the other 18, then we will get together to sew them row by row! We are thinking of using a flannel for the backing and each making our own labels to personalize it.

So? Another project on the table, but one that means so much!


I’m in love with this Australian based “stitch-a-long” although I did not sign up.  I ordered the book by Annie Downs for her Some Kind of Wonderful – My Favourite Things quilt.  I received it this week.  I will share my new books in another post! :).

Happy Quilting!

I quilted today! Link of the day too.

Finally, I got all my log cabin blocks done! Round 2 is finished:

2nd step this week is to go through every block, to make sure all seams have been sewing without any overlapping at seams..then row by row! this will probably be a lap quilt, no borders per se.


Leah Day from The Free Motion Quilting project is who I’d like to connect you to.  She is machine quilter extraordinaire and not the big machine but our own domestic machines! She has so many tutorials to share and her mantra is “Practice, practice, practice.” I am striving to be like her and hoping one day I will get there!

Leah has UFO Sunday…there are some great links over there, people who are on the road to quilting on their own.  Makes me want to get up and get my own tops finished!

Saturday’s baking and what have you!

One of those days to do a lot but don’t seem to see tangible results.  It started out rainy so we did our errands. By the time we were finished the sun had come out and it was a balmy 17 degrees for semi-northern Quebec!  So, of course, we went for a run.  We did 8 kms.  I did some laundry which will never be finished and after supper I made a blueberry-banana cake :

I didn’t make it with the frosting so we had whipped cream with it. I must say that it is a cake to make again! It is very moist and tasty. I like the cinnamon and nutmeg in it. Yummy.

Now I am finally putting my feet up.  I may stitch a bit, on my cross stitch.


Embroidery, embroidery.  Mary is passionate and boy does she share! I signed up for her daily newsletter and she always has a tip of the day.  She is so talented and so willing to share her talent. If you want to embroider, she is the lady to see!

What’s on the floor Friday and LINK!

What is on your floor! There is always something on the floor! Lately my floors have too many piles.  Here is one that needs attention!

This is the worst pile on my floor.

It starts with a beautiful rectangle basket which house finished quilt tops and project tops that need to go to the next step as well as quilts that are sandwiched and waiting BUT various material and clothing has been thrown (because I probably didn’t place them delicately) on top….there is:

– material that I have bought and washed that needs to be ironed and folded and away

– a pair of jeans that my son wants to put into his memory quilt

– oh, some mending ….yup still do that

– shirts….second hand 100% cotton checked shirts that have been washed and need cutting

WHAT’S ON YOUR FLOOR! Inquiring minds want to know!


I really love today’s blog! Bonnie Hunter extraordinaire! Susanna, this is the gal I was telling you about! She is an avid quilter! I’m not sure if she sleeps! She takes shirts and makes quilts.  She has quite a few books out…one that is on my bookshelf:


and I just ordered this one:


So…even if we don’t have a lot of money, a trip to the “Sally Ann” or “Used Clothing” store is sure to soothe our need to buy material!

This and that and a link!

The state of our upstairs bathroom! It has been in the works for over a month now.  You know your life is upside down when you have this in your kitchen :

Yes, our toilet is in the kitchen, waiting for installation, after the painting, the plumbing, the ceramic, the new cabinetry….I can’t wait until it is done, because I could really use a bath!  We have a shower downstairs, last spring’s renovation!

So, to get me through all this:

Material makes me happy! I receive my monthly half-yards from Prairieland.  I am going to change my monthly material starting next month, for 30s I think.


May Britt

This woman is my applique and stitching hero! She is constantly using a needle and she does so much handwork! I drool when I look at her site. She is in Norway and she shares so much! She has tutorials and an abundance of pictures.  Grab a cup of tea and sit and look! Her sidebar of blog friends are similar to her! You won’t be bored!