WIP for Wednesday!

I know, it is Tuesday, but we have to post some time today and I have time now to post!

Finally my fast-paced life is slowing down enough so that I can settle into a routine, so time to sew and now post The Needle and Thread Network! I have put a list of links of some of the latest posters of the network in my sidebar…go and check them out. The work that is going on behind closed doors and then shared is amazing!

What am I going to settle into?

I am taking the plunge…getting on the hexagon bandwagon! :).  I gave a hexagon demo at our retreat and my friend Jen, took off with it and made me this kit! 🙂

I have started and will continue!

I bought a set of jellyroll strips and yes, I am washing and ironing them as I go! 🙂 I love the paperpiece technique!

Here is some inspiration.  My sister gave me a quilt, unfinished, (I’m not sure who made it but it looks pretty old) It was hand pieced:

Very 70iesh?

Up close, but also to show that some hexies need repairing.

And here is the back…all done by hand!

Jude, if you are reading, where did you get this quilt from?

I’m linking up to The Needle and Thread Network!


4 thoughts on “WIP for Wednesday!”

  1. You will love doing the hexies, I did them for about a year and have a basket full that I now need to make into something , I love the handwork involved . I am now following your blog by email , look forward to reading more. Sheila

  2. Thanks Sheila….we quilters are addictive sorts aren’t we! I wasn’t sure what fabric to use but when I saw the strips with 24 different colours…I figured, it might make a nice quilt! May have to get some more though ;). Thanks for following me. I have put you in my sidebar…

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