This and that and a link!

The state of our upstairs bathroom! It has been in the works for over a month now.  You know your life is upside down when you have this in your kitchen :

Yes, our toilet is in the kitchen, waiting for installation, after the painting, the plumbing, the ceramic, the new cabinetry….I can’t wait until it is done, because I could really use a bath!  We have a shower downstairs, last spring’s renovation!

So, to get me through all this:

Material makes me happy! I receive my monthly half-yards from Prairieland.  I am going to change my monthly material starting next month, for 30s I think.


May Britt

This woman is my applique and stitching hero! She is constantly using a needle and she does so much handwork! I drool when I look at her site. She is in Norway and she shares so much! She has tutorials and an abundance of pictures.  Grab a cup of tea and sit and look! Her sidebar of blog friends are similar to her! You won’t be bored!


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