What’s on the floor Friday and LINK!

What is on your floor! There is always something on the floor! Lately my floors have too many piles.  Here is one that needs attention!

This is the worst pile on my floor.

It starts with a beautiful rectangle basket which house finished quilt tops and project tops that need to go to the next step as well as quilts that are sandwiched and waiting BUT various material and clothing has been thrown (because I probably didn’t place them delicately) on top….there is:

– material that I have bought and washed that needs to be ironed and folded and away

– a pair of jeans that my son wants to put into his memory quilt

– oh, some mending ….yup still do that

– shirts….second hand 100% cotton checked shirts that have been washed and need cutting

WHAT’S ON YOUR FLOOR! Inquiring minds want to know!


I really love today’s blog! Bonnie Hunter extraordinaire! Susanna, this is the gal I was telling you about! She is an avid quilter! I’m not sure if she sleeps! She takes shirts and makes quilts.  She has quite a few books out…one that is on my bookshelf:


and I just ordered this one:


So…even if we don’t have a lot of money, a trip to the “Sally Ann” or “Used Clothing” store is sure to soothe our need to buy material!


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