Saturday’s baking and what have you!

One of those days to do a lot but don’t seem to see tangible results.  It started out rainy so we did our errands. By the time we were finished the sun had come out and it was a balmy 17 degrees for semi-northern Quebec!  So, of course, we went for a run.  We did 8 kms.  I did some laundry which will never be finished and after supper I made a blueberry-banana cake :

I didn’t make it with the frosting so we had whipped cream with it. I must say that it is a cake to make again! It is very moist and tasty. I like the cinnamon and nutmeg in it. Yummy.

Now I am finally putting my feet up.  I may stitch a bit, on my cross stitch.


Embroidery, embroidery.  Mary is passionate and boy does she share! I signed up for her daily newsletter and she always has a tip of the day.  She is so talented and so willing to share her talent. If you want to embroider, she is the lady to see!


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