New projects but special projects!


Went fabric shopping with my friend Jen and then spent the rest of the day, washing the fabric and then cutting out all the strips for a special log cabin quilt.  We are using the design of what is up on my design wall but in pinks.  A friend of ours has cancer so we are making her a quilt.  She knows nothing about it, so we are not stressed to get it to her tomorrow, but we would like to get it done as fast as possible because she has just started chemotherapy :(.  We are going to put together a surprise for her.  So today, my friend and Jen had a lot of fun at my house, cutting and dividing the pieces to make 36 of these:

Isn’t it beautiful? This is my sample block and it sure went together so smoothly. Jen is making 18 and I am doing the other 18, then we will get together to sew them row by row! We are thinking of using a flannel for the backing and each making our own labels to personalize it.

So? Another project on the table, but one that means so much!


I’m in love with this Australian based “stitch-a-long” although I did not sign up.  I ordered the book by Annie Downs for her Some Kind of Wonderful – My Favourite Things quilt.  I received it this week.  I will share my new books in another post! :).

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “New projects but special projects!”

  1. Congratulations Peggy and Jen for your project! It is a great idea and you are going to make someone happy. I love the colors…pink, green…beautiful.

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