Pink, pink, pink…

So we changed the colour scheme…I had the dark pink in my stash and we went with that instead of the green.  I have 18 blocks and Jen as the other 18.  We are meeting up tomorrow to square up the blocks and sew, row by row! 🙂


Val Laird! Australian of course! She embroiders and quilts like crazy! I saw this project in one of “Homespun magazine”

I’m in love with this minature wall hanging and have just the person to make it for.  It takes jelly roll strips and I have some that I have been wanting to use:

Moda Wildflower Serenade by Kansas Troubles Quilters

It isn’t as bright as the pattern but I think that my wallhanging will have a classic traditional look.  I think that I won’t wash the strips.  Does anyone out there have any ideas  about washing jellyroll strips?

Here is the magazine for those who want to know:

I love this magazine.  I got a subscription for two years and will be subscribing again. I miss it!


So, thank you Val for your pattern in my magazine.  Now what is really neat about Val’s site is that she is giving away a pattern every weekend for the next 7 weeks!

Again, thank you Val for being so very generous.

Off to create!


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